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In my Ph.D thesis, I argued that Law Schools don't teach you how to think or research like a lawyer.
They assume you already know how, and put very little effort into assisting those who don't.

That's why I did my Ph.D. I developed a tailored teaching method for law students which increases
your capacity to find, absorb, and analyse the law and the facts you need to turn out first class work.

Central to my approach is understanding your need for a job, at the end of your degree,
which will maximise your return on your investment in your education.

About Us

I guarantee that, using the method I developed whilst researching my Ph.D, I can show you more in the first two hours than most tutors could show you in a day. That's because I'm more experienced than most other tutors out there - I've been doing it for longer, and I'm the only law tutor on Gumtree with a string of publications, the only one with a Ph.D and the only law tutor in Australia who's actually employed other lawyers in a law firm.

You might pay a little less with other, less experienced, tutors, but I offer a whole lot more for your money.

About Law Tutor

About me

I’m a retired lawyer, and started practice in 1991. My Ph.D thesis, on legal education, was published by Smokeball in 2010. My published professional materials date back to 1991 and include the areas of Retail Tenancy Law, Binding Financial Agreements under the Family Law Act, Consumer Debt, Bankruptcy, Commercial Construction Contracts, Do-it-Yourself Motor Vehicle Claims in Victoria, and Loan Agreements under the Uniform Consumer Credit Code.

How I can help

If you think Law School is hard, wait until you're competing for a job. The best jobs go to those with the best results. Employers look for students with the best thinking, the best arguments and the best preparation- flashy graphics and smart websites have little to do with it. Students who struggle with "thinking like a lawyer' may be pushed when competing for a job.


I can help you to think like a lawyer – I wrote the book on it. This will get you better marks.

  • Study and revision methods
  • Mock moots
  • One-on-one Skype tuition
  • Note-taking methods
  • Editing and reviewing your assignments


As a former lawyer with 15 years in practice, including running my own firm, I can help you get a job.

  • Interview techniques
  • Mock interviews
  • Getting published to boost your profile
  • CVs
  • Career coaching
  • Preparation for performance reviews

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Skype, facetime and phone sessions are available individually or in small groups wherever you are on the planet.

You are welcome to visit in WARRNAMBOOL, and I am in MELBOURNE on a regular basis.

Overnight editing and other rush assistance also available, please enquire for a quote. Please include your TELEPHONE NUMBER in all requests for assistance together with your CITY (I may be in a different time zone) and a good time to call if I need to call.

Phone me (numbers below), text me, skype text to elephant-au or my whatsapp numbers are +61438577144 and +972539521789. Otherwise email and ensure that your phone number is in the email.


(+61-3) 9016 0782

(+61) 4 3857 7144


Pricing is on my PRICING page.

Or BOOK AND PAY here and send me three preferred times, I'll pick one and get back to you within 24 hours.

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